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Going on a road trip.

I love you Bretly

This blog has been your words, Bret, and now I’m left to write this post.  I hope that what I write here reflects you.  There are no words.  We had talked about this day, but the reality is so heavy. … Continue reading

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Safe Journeys Bret….Until We Catch Up

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”            – Mahatma Gandhi Dear family, friends, and all who have been following the adventure, It is with great sadness that we report that Bret’s journey has taken … Continue reading

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Taking the Curves

We have been taking the curves these past few weeks — having good days and bad days (and perhaps more accurately, good hours and bad hours).  Bret is staying on the Sutent drug but at a lower dose, which seems … Continue reading

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Friendship and Laughter

There we were…two miles from the nearest paved roadway… yet at the edge of our property was a driveway going even further back in. There lived the Radell’s in a beautiful home on the hill looking down the valley toward … Continue reading

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                                           Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!

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A Rock and a Very Hard Place

Bret started a new chemo pill called Sutent on June 1. This drug works by depriving the tumors of oxygen and blood supply.  We were all very excited and hopeful when Bret started to see some positive effects of this … Continue reading

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Aaron’s visit…as told by Aaron

So, the Nick Tahoe’s experience didn’t quite live up to our high hopes.  I think the recipe changes after midnight and it can only be noticed in a completely sober state (an extra scoop of grease to keep the volume … Continue reading

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